Jun 7, 2017 | | Say something

So it’s a few minutes after June 6 ETD, but otherwise as promised the site is up and running supposedly.  Had to do some last minute hacking because apparently I can no longer upload Perl modules on my host (am I the last person still using Perl?)


  • Giant logic rework.  Really, a ton of changes happened, updating the site I realized that theres about 3 times as many tables and files than the last time.  The biggest difference is that the system *should* be able to transfer logic between different-numbered variables in different statements.  However this ability is definitely not guaranteed in all cases.
  • All principles deleted and refreshed.  Not going to disappoint anyone because I’m the only one who created any.
  • Now with some semblance of security.  Not that there’s anything work attacking here, as pretty much all data is public anyway.
  • Slightly cleaner interface and various bug fixes?

What now?

  •  Now that the big work is behind me, I’ve got a ton of bugs to fix, and then some UI updates to work on.
  • And some time to look into expanding my side-project horizons beyond this site.  I’ve always wanted to do coding competitions, but I’ve put that on hold while working on this project.
  • Eventually, I’ll make some effort at getting actual users.

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