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April 4 wasn’t that long ago, but it feels like a long time – I’ve spent quite a bit of energy on continuing the “massive overhaul”, but also taken some breaks and trips in the same time period.

So where am I?  A bit over halfway done with the “hard part”.  And hopefully, more than just a bit, because in the first half I created many generally-applicable methods that can really help me complete the second half, I hope.  Additionally I ran into some pretty significant structural problems with my original overhaul model, that I decided to just fix right off the bat rather than try to keep working with a broken design.  If I’ve learned anything over the…4 years? I’ve been working on this on and off, it’s that trying to rig a broken design is much harder (and less fun) in both the short and long run than just biting the bullet and redesigning everything.

After the hard part, there’s an easy part – I think.  It could turn out to be another hard part if there’s something I didn’t anticipate, but I should be good.  This is converting the second part of the logic engine, where truth and falsity of premises is propagated through the various principles.

Unfortunately, my next two weekends look very busy with unrelated things, so completion of the overhaul still may be a while away in terms of time.  I won’t set a deadline, because trying to meet deadlines leads to bad design decisions.  But I will keep working on it.

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