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Apr 4, 2016 | | Say something

So in my last post I said I’d need to change how the principles are stored…turns out it’s more like completely rehaul how all the data is stored, and that means completely rehauling the code as well – all while trying to solve the original problem I’ve been trying to fix in the first place.

But I’ve come to realize that this project is actually important, especially for me.  I’ve been slipping into maintenance mode, meaning that I’ve been trying to ensure that I get my day job stuff done, keep a reasonably clean apartment, stay in decent shape, etc. – but I’m not accomplishing anything new.  Truth is, if you want to accomplish anything, you just gotta put some of the maintenance stuff on hold – prioritize the accomplishments first, maintain later.  Funny thing is, even if I put the maintenance stuff off, I end up getting a lot of it done anyway, and accomplish some new things too.

So I’ve actually been making progress, albeit with an apartment that’s not really fit for guests at the moment.  I’ve redone all of the tables, and gotten to the point where I can at least enter statements, though not quite principles yet.  Storing the principles is the hardest part of fixing the storage, which itself is the easiest part of what I still have yet to do.

I obviously still have a lot to do, and I will not say when it will all be done – let’s just say not this week or anything close to it.  But I feel like I will continue to make progress this time until it’s done.  I hate vaporware and I’m determined to make sure this is not an example of it.

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