And another roadblock (or two)

Nov 24, 2016 | | Say something

To keep myself updated next time I start working on this again, here’s what’s currently broken. I won’t be able to do much work on this for at least a couple of weeks, so further progress will be a while.

– Transferability logic – assumption that only need to worry about matching variables was horribly wrong, as I figured out long ago but somehow forgot. Will need to look at each logical rule to determine how transferability should apply.
– Missing logic (in both new and old systems): if @1 is A && @1 is B -> @1 is C + @1 is D -> @1 is A => @1 is D && @1 is B -> @1 is C. This is very important for demonstrating things like overbroad statements.

Hmm…seems like I wrote this¬† a while ago (8/29/2016) and never posted it.¬† Actually, I’m now about to start working again 3 months later and was looking to see what the roadblocks were last time.

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