Truisms and self-contradictions are now banned

Sep 19, 2014 | | Say something

My apologies to any dadaists or other fans of such arguments.  But that’s the kind of thing that can really drive the system crazy.

Then there’s the interesting question of what happens when two arguments reach opposing conclusions.  The latest update includes the ability to detect these situations and keep the system from imploding.  It indicates such events with “potential contradiction detected.”

There is still much to be done with resolving contradictions.  Finding contradictions is one of the most interesting capabilities the system has, so I will try to find better ways of drawing attention to these kind of events and considering how that should affect the implied truth status of the statements causing them.   There are all kinds of questions – should the “more true” (more highly voted) end of the contradiction win?  Or should it just mark everything unknown?  Or should it affect anything at all?  For now, the simplest solution to implement will probably win.

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