If you've not used this before read the instructions below first.



NOTICE: Anything you enter here will be stored in a database and posted on this site, and will be accessible to the general public. Do not post any personal information. This site is experimental. It is possible to likely that everything posted to this site will be completely deleted as changes are made. It is also possible that what you enter here will be stored and publicly available for the indefinite future.

Enter both statements below or only then statement. Use "&&" to separate multiple if statements.

Before entering a principle please take note of the following rules:

1. You must fill in both if and then fields.
2. You may include multiple (up to 5) if statements joined by the && operator. && means AND. There is no OR. If you wish to enter an or, enter it as two separate if-then statements instead. You may not use multiple THEN statements. Again, this can be handled with multiple if-then statements.
3. Each statement must include at least one variable, denoted by @(digit), as in "@1 is Socrates." This is necessary to ensure that statements are being entered in a format that is useful.
4. Your principle will not be entered until after you select your statements on the next page.
5. No characters are allowed except letters, numbers, &, ~, and @. Anything else will automatically be removed from a statement.
6. By the way ~ means not and must be placed at the beginning (e.g. ~@1 is something, meaning @1 is not something). Negation is not yet fully integrated into the system,
7. Despite the incompleteness of negation, you still are not allowed to use the word "not" because you should use the negation indicator instead to cut down on multiple statements that mean the same thing. You are also discouraged from using "and" if you can avoid it.

Example 1 (simple):
IF: @1 is socrates
THEN: @1 is mortal.

Example 2 (complex):
IF: @1 is a plane that is traveling at takeoff speed relative to the ground on treadmill @2 && @1s forward velocity relative to the ground matches @2s rearward velocity
THEN: @1 will take off from treadmill @2